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Posted on January 18, 2015

Girl look at that body...


It is with great excitment that I say Valentine's Day is only 1 month away!!!


Woo hoo!!

An excuse to go out a buy a new outfit or some under sexies to rock out for yourself and your significant other.


Oh wait... you aren't excited about that thought?


I get it...some people aren't. The question is why not?!


Is it because you aren't comfortable with your body??


Or you aren't confident??


Here is the thing...we ALL see flaws in ourselves.


Even that hot guy or girl you saw out the other night.


The question is what are you doing to gain more confidence or comfort with your body???


At CrossFit 330 our members are coming in to the box and working hard- whether it is 2  times a week or 6 times a week they are getting there and pushing themselves.


Every time that they come in and bust their butt through a workout they gain a little more confidence...


Their brains tell them that wearing a bikini again is possible!


That going shirtless at the beach this year is within their grasp!


To see the strides being made day in and day out is truly amazing!


If you would like to come check it out for yourself and get more comfortable in your own skin give us a call to set up an intro. 330-331-5538





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