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Posted on December 13, 2015

What about MOBILITY?!

But I don't even know where to start...It's a comment I hear from a lot of our athletes...


Hell let's be real, it's how I feel sometimes. I mean we all know I'm not the most limber of the people at CF330.


As most of you know I have been having some wicked low back pain since August...Which has been finally worked out yay! However, with this issue Diane and I had been having conversations about mobility for about the last 2-3 months...and what I could do to increase mine..and in turn our 330 tribe member's mobility..


Enter in our trip to LA last weeknd and a seminar with K Starr himself. If you doen't know Kelly Starrett, AKA K Starr, is basically the mobility guru.You got an ache, pain, tightness? He has a video for it. (In fact he has so many videos of awesome mobility ideas that we have joined Mobility WOD as a resource for our members!)


At the seminar K Starr talked us through a lot of mobility theory. While I do hold my CrossFit Mobility Certifcation, I learned a TON during this seminar. Not just on specific things you can do to work on mobility in specific body part, but also in how we can apporach getting our athlets more mobile- specifically how we can get you mobilizing at home!


Which brings me back to- but where do I start?


Frankly ANYWHERE! Something is always better than nothing....



So here it is the plan:

1. We are going to try and give you some sort of mobility homework to do. We are going to shoot for weekly and with some daily along the way.


That means- we want you trying to do SOMETHING to mobilize each day when you are at home! It could be one thing each day for a week... or a variety of things that you can change up each day.


You know your body! Listen to it. Maybe you go through one set of mobility homework and realize you are solid there. OK, on the the next!


2. Invest in 3 lacrosse balls (2 will be taped together) and a large band for at home. You can do a TON of mobility work with these things. Watching TV while you unwind for the night? Great- MOBILIZE at the SAME TIME!


3. Plan to devote about 10 minutes a night on some sort of mobility.


4. Check the CF330 FB page and your email for your mobility homeowrk.


Here is our first homework assignment. K Starr will talk you through it.


Not gonna lie, it won't be easy....but in the end it's going to be WORTH IT!









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