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Posted on August 21, 2016

Nutrition... McDonalds..and Cyndi Lauper...

If you are anything like me you have been glued to the TV during every available moment the last two weeks getting your fill of the Olympics...it has to last for the next 4 years (2 if you are into the Winter Games) so you may or may not have planned your schedule around events you wanted to see.


Minus the issues that tried to bring Rio and the Games down (come on Lochte, seriously) I have thoughouly enjoyed watching the Games.


I love seeing all the athletes who have worked their whole lives see their dreams come to fruition!


Just like I love seeing all your dreams come to fruition at CF330!!


However, as much as I have enjoyed watching the actual games there has been one thing that has consistently sent me into a tizzy each and every time that I have seen it...


That McDonald's commercial....


The confusion of fitness, wanting the best nutrition for someone and how McDonald's fits is REAL....


I get that McDonald's is a sponsor or partner or something for the Olympics....


and I get that money is green and spends just the same whether the advertising dollars come from McDonald's... BMW...or Home Depot...


But... It just makes me crazy that we are going to advertise deep fried, fatty food as good nutrition to ANYONE.


Especially in the context of the Olympics and what world class athletes eat.


Let's be real...if you are a WORLD CLASS ATHLETE you are not fueling your body with McDonald's.


Nutrition is a key in your performace... in your sleep...in your energy levels... in your repair and recovery...


McDonald's just isn't getting the job done.


We, on the other hand, would love to teach you the ins and outs of nutrition and the ways nutrition can help you achieve your goals.


We use World Class Products that are certified by Informed Choice and the Council for Responsible Nutrition at CrossFit 330.


You can check them out at www.suttontrained.com




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