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Posted on August 25, 2016

Honor... Strength... Remember....

If you have been in the gym today you have likely seen a lot of purple...

I know what you are thinking...the walls are always purple.


But today your fellow CrossFitters are also rocking purple and you may or may not know why.


You also may be hearing words like...honor...hero...strength...remember...


All of those words and all of the purple can be summed up in one word: Quinn


Today at CrossFit 330 will are participating in the Quinn Memorial WOD from CrossFt Utility


 Quinn Harper Eggert (4/19/16-7/12/16).

Quinn spent 85 days in the NICU and fought thru 5 surgeries before she passed. Her fight and tenacity inspired and touched many.

This past week we have been collecting donations, these donations will be directed towards the Walk4Babies which benefits the NICU at Akron Children's. The NICU was Quinn's only home, and was also her twin sister Cora's home for 61 days.

Checks can be made out to Eric Eggert.

We pay tribute in the Crossfit community to those who passed by suffering a little ourselves.

If you have purple wear it - it's Quinn's color.



As I read through this story I was touched by how intertwined our community of CrossFit truly is. Quinn not only had had an impact on CrossFit Utlity, but also on CF330 as we have members who work in NICU and at Children's Hospital. While they are unable to share details of Quinn's story... I know it had a profound impact on them.


In CrossFit we honor our heros.. and we honor the fallen. This WOD is a tribute to one taken too soon. The statement "We pay tribute in the Crossfit community to those who passed by suffering a little ourselves" resonates deeply for me. The families at CrossFit Utility are suffering. That community is in our backyard. If our suffering a little can help to ease their burden... or to help another family to not go through this, I cannot think of a better way to show honor. We have had classes in the gym already to pay tribute to Quinn and I hope that we will pack the gym tonight not only with bodies but with love, kindess, and honor. 


Grab your purple and get here!



Partner WOD

21 minute AMRAP

85 cal row

Followed by AMRAP in remaining time

7 Burpees

12 squat clean thrusters

16 wall balls

Partner WOD (twins)

21 minute AMRAP (21% on the vent is room air and it was always a goal and good day when Quinn would get down to 21%)

85 cal row (partitioned as you like) - 85 days of life

7 Burpees

12 squat clean thrusters 135/95

16 wall balls

Quinn passed on 7/12/16.

(Burpees and squat clean thrusters are done alternating and wall balls are partner style back and forth).


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