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Posted on August 28, 2016

Competitive Fitness


Fall is coming, which means the 330 Throwdown is right around the corner..


And so are the Festivus Games!


The Festivus Games, for those of you who don’t know, has gone to a Team Competition for the FIRST time Ever.


I was so excited about it when I found out. I mean how fun is that?!


Not only can our first timers get their feet wet….they can also do it with a friend!


As I have talked to people about registering for Festivus I have been surprised at the number of people who tell me they don’t want to compete, but when I ask them why they don’t really have an answer.


In all honesty, I get the whole “oh no, I don’t want to do a competition” initial answer. Really, I do….


However, I also know the awesomeness of competing.


I have participated in multiple local competitions… I’m not great at CrossFit (seriously my only goal in working out is to look good necked…well and be healthy)… And I never really set out with the intention of winning or even thinking I will place. But something almost magical happens when you compete.


Which is why I think everyone should do it at least once!


And if you get the chance to do it with a partner you should. The bond you have with someone after you have pushed yourself to the brink and left it all on the floor is pretty awesome. It’s not about winning or losing it’s about pushing yourself to be better than you were the day before. Your daily WODs have already prepared you, competitions are your time to let lose and have some fun while you WOD.


So let’s break it down a little. Here are my top 5 reasons why you should take a chance on Yourself and compete at least one time.


Sure we have all watched the Games and sat in awe of what the big name CrossFitters are doing, but until you have laced up and participated in a comp you don’t get the full idea. By competing you see just what it is like to have your feet in the fire…and to SURVIVE it! Not only will you have a greater appreciate for the top dogs, but you will also have a greater appreciation for yourself.


A lot of people rely on the whiteboard at their box to tell them where they are with CrossFit…You know are you the box athlete at your box or more of a mid level? Either way seeing where you fit in a pool of athletes outside your box is always fun. Maybe you have been holding back during your daily WODs without even realizing it….Maybe you have been sitting at the top of your gym’s leaderboard for so long you have gotten complacent…Hell, maybe you think you can only do scaled versions of every WOD when really you are on the edge of glory and your body is just waiting for your mind to catch up and start RXing some things…Who knows? You certainly never will until you challenge yourself against people from other boxes.


There is no better time to get all the feels from the other athletes in the CF community that when you are competing. So you finished first? Awesome people were cheering for you.. You finished in the middle of the pack? Sweet- people were cheering you on as your finished those last few reps…You were dead last?! Then you probably got the loudest cheers of the day. Why? Because we are a community that pushes one and other. We want everyone to have the very best experience, results, and time. That means that even when we are competing with others we are going to help them get across the finish line…and really who doesn’t like having a cheering section of the crowd?!


Having issues getting over the hump with a movement? Just can’t quite break through the ceiling to PR a lift? Competitions bring energy…excitement…and adrenaline...Add that all up and that means PRs baby! The experience of going for a PR in front of a crowd cheering you on? Wow, it’s intense to say the least. So if you are ready for some PRs you def want to find a competition and see what emerges.


And last, but certainly not least…

Yep, I went ahead and said it. It’s a damn good time. Sure you are going to be tired and probably sore…But there is just nothing like competing. The experience as a whole is one that shouldn’t be missed by any one. It’s not about winning. It’s about getting the opportunity to test out the things you are doing day in and day out in front of screaming fans, friends and family. The pride that you will have in yourself and the memories you will look back on the day with are second to none.


The Festivus Games are Saturday, October 15. This is a NOVICE and INTERMEDIATE competition. I would love to see a full house!


The deadline for a FREE T-shirt for both team members is August 31. Don’t miss out!



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