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Posted on December 1, 2016

Limited Edition Offers!

Hey all!

December is here and that means it is the start of our 12 Days of Limited Edition Offerings!!

What does that mean exactly?

Well basically it means that over the next couple of weeks we have 12 different opportunities at Limited Edition SWAG and

Special Opportunities at the gym that have NEVER before been offered.

We are really excited about this!!

Now, the way it works is we will send out an email with the offer of the day...

If you want to take advantage you need to email me back and tell me you want in.

At that time we will go over sizing or scheduling or any details we need to do.

I will handle the billing and all that jazz.

It's literally that easy- just send an email back and say "I want one" or "I want in" or "Michelle, you are amazing"...

Lol maybe not the last one ;)

Pay attention to this part because it is key:


There is no wait and see. It's a NOW or NEVER type of thing.

Don't miss out on any of the sweetfest headed your way!

Ok, now that we are through how it works....Here is what today's Limited Edition SWAG looks like....

On the 1st day of Christmas CF330 Gave to Me.... a New Tank and T-shirt Opportunity!


Get the tank or t-shirt for only $20!!!

Happy 12 Days of CF330 Limited Edition Opportunities!


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