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Posted on January 1, 2017

My Number One Tip For Success...

It is officially 2017!

Kind of crazy if you think about it... It seems like just yesterday I was telling Diane that I wanted to open a gym and we started brainstorming what our core values were and how they would be reflected in the gym.

But that's a story for another day... (AKA Check back next week to hear how that all played out)

Today I want to talk to you about being Successful this year...Well, and every year really.

There was one thing I started doing in 2016 that made a HUGE difference in my life and directly impacted where I am at today.

For me this change was made in my life professionally.

If you have been around you know that CrossFit 330 officially opened March 1, 2014.

I officially will be retired from my full time middle school health and physical education teaching position of 14 years  on January 3.

So what was this one thing I started doing that helped to change everything?

It was making appointments with myself.

Instead of having an idea or a task and thining about it I started making appointments- actually writing them down in my planner and logging them in my phone- and getting things done.

How will this help you be successful in the gym?

It's that simple really. I encourage you to make a commitment  to YOU and your GOALS. That commitment is making an appointment with yourself to get to the gym.

Hold yourself accountable to get there... Our amazing staff and outstanding programming will do the rest.

Check out this video to see more about our #1 Tip for Success







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