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Carmen Hill

Carmen Hill

Carmen runs our Evolution Boot Camp program.

She also is our gym administrator as well as a Training Camp Coach and gym coach.

Why is she involved in CF330, Evolution, and health and wellness?!

Check out her story

Why I love CF330?

Our program is for everyone, no matter what your fitness level is. I love changing lives and helping people better themselves and working on their goals with them.
At CF330, no goal is too big or too small, and it's my job to help you reach them!!

My story:

5 years ago I was at my heaviest, 245lbs. I wore jeans size 23 and shirt size XXL. I worked out at a local gym doing spinning/Circuit training 4 days a week but it wasn't enough. My husband Seth begged me to try this thing called CrossFit...it was a flat out NO. It was not for me. I was too fat. My knees and back hurt. But after a Dr. visit, I was ready to try anything ... I had high cholesterol, I was borderline diabetic and severely depressed. My Dr.. said I needed to change or I wouldn't be around for long. I was to the point that I would try anything!!! That's when I found CF  and I've changed my life with the help of all my coaches and my husband. I'm happy to say I've maintained my weight since I've started CF/WBBC and getting involved with AdvoCare.  I'm still setting new goals for myself.