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CrossFit Course Offerings

All level class that any member can attend.

 CrossFit On Ramp
Learn the essential moments of CrossFit in this 3 day course. The 9 essential movements- the air squats, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, dead lift, sumo dead lift with a high pull, and the med ball clean, will all be covered. Additionally movement modifications, rowing, kettle bell swings, kipping and the snatch will be introduced. This is a great starting point if you find yourself nervous about CrossFit or wanting to learn more about any of the 9 foundational CrossFit movements.

Evolution Boot Camp (Formerly The World's Best Boot Camp Northeast Ohio)

A 6 week package of services guaranteed to get you results!! 100% success rate...Amazing atmosphere, huge suport group and fantastic workouts.

BOOM Sports  Performance-
Kids program. Click here for more info.

Goal Specific Training-
Work in small groups (no more than 4) with a Coach on your specific goals. This could be any goal that you set for yourself whether it be to improve you kipping pull up to getting the most out of your rowing. Sessions last 1 hour.

Personal Training-
Not sure that you are ready for CrossFit? Personal training is a great way to get yourself to a confidence level that will allow you to join our group classes. All the same skills will be focused on in a private setting. Sessions last 1 hour.


Chiropractic Care- Need an adjustment? Got aches and pains? Come see Darek Stanfield, D.C.